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    This chapter shows that it can be successfully applied to several disorders of the central nervous system affecting both the brain and spinal cord. Acute spinal cord ischaemia is often undetectable with conventional MRI. ExamCard using the 16- channel SENSE NeuroVascular coil including three different approaches for diffusion- weighted imaging of the cervical spinal cord and. Multishot diffusion- weighted MR imaging features in acute trauma of spinal cord | SpringerLink. Diffusion weighted imaging of the rat cervical spinal cord may therefore become a tool for preclinical studies of spinal cord injury and diseases of the spinal cord. We assessed the diagnostic value of echoplanar DWI for early confirmation of spinal. Evaluation of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment in Acute Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury in Rats Using Diffusion Tensor Imaging. A spinal fusion surgery is designed to stop the motion at a painful vertebral segment, which in turn should decrease pain generated from the joint. Diffusion- weighted MRI ( DWI) has been difficult to use in the spine because of susceptibility artefacts.
    Spinal diffusion tratamentul. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Diffusion- weighted MRI in acute spinal cord ischemia | Acute spinal cord ischaemia is often undetectable with conventional MRI. DTI and diffusion tensor tractography offers information regarding the relationship between white matter tracts and spinal cord tumors that has been found to be particularly valuable for surgical planning. Figure 1: Design of the coil and holder for cervical spinal cord MRI. 1) Diffusion imaging is a powerful technique in widespread use in whole body imaging that is a valuable adjunct to routine imaging protocols for the spine. We performed diffusion- weighted MR imaging of the spinal cord with high spatial resolution. This procedure can be performed at any level in the spine ( cervical, thoracic, or lumbar) and prevents any movement between the fused vertebrae. Different patterns of diffusion abnormalities observed in patient studies support the possible diagnostic impact of diffusion- weighted. Objectives To analyse diffusion- weighted MRI of acute spinal cord trauma and evaluate its diagnostic value.
    Diffusion MRI is one of the most interesting and promising techniques available today to explore neurological diseases. This article goes over the. There are many approaches to lumbar spinal fusion surgery, and all involve the following process:. 2) Diffusion imaging adds sensitivity and specificity in evaluating the osseous and soft tissue structures of the spine for neoplastic involvement. There are several types of spinal fusion techniques, including the PLIF, ALIF, TLIF, and XLIF, among others.

    Spinal fusion, also called spondylodesis or spondylosyndesis, is a neurosurgical or orthopedic surgical technique that joins two or more vertebrae.

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